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FreeStreams Mission

About FreeStreams

At FreeStreams, our mission is to make your digital operations more profitable.

Unlike other premium service providers, we don't charge monthly fees to use our products. Eliminating your costs is a huge step toward profitability, but it's only a start. We also provide premium revenue no matter how big or small the size of your audience. In fact, we will buy all of the impressions generated by your use of our products, so you are always sold out!

We started FreeStreams with the idea that if we could provide an end-to-end suite of tools that eliminated all the technical issues and costs related to streaming, and we could marry those tools to assured revenue generation, broadcasters, publishers and content owners would use the platform to reach their audience on phones, PC's, tablets and internet connected cars. The more broadcasters, publishers and content owners that use our platform, the more advertising revenue we can generate for our partners and us.

We have been operating for a few years now and we know our business model works well for everybody involved. We have grown to several hundred stations/properties using the FreeStreams Platform and we have added many new advertising partners during that time. So far, we have delivered over 100 million hours of brand-safe programming to more than 85 million users and we are just getting started.

We are based in Silicon Valley, California, and have people in each time zone of the United States and Mexico to help service our customers. We are well qualified radio, television and internet experts and we are always looking for new, highly qualified problem solvers to join our team.